This lovely
cardboard sculpture
has a hidden cupboard 
for use to hide your
important items, or
as a VERY elaborate
gift box 

Lara lives in a suburb
of Vancouver BC,
Canada where the
sun shines if it
isn’t raining.

Lara McIntyre

Lara’s art is whimsy of the heart: positive, loving, carefree and colourful. She took up painting in 2009 and when a friend said, ‘You should sell these!’ she did as she was told. Lara has sold over 60 paintings, has donated over 15 to silent auction fundraisers and is always willing to donate again- just ask! 

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Art of


Whimsy and love to
welcome you home

Your own tiny home: this cardboard sculpture shack is only 31 x 12 inches… so VERY tiny home indeed!

 “Slack Tide”

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“That Year”

Make a BOLD statement:
this strong intuitive painting
came into existence
March and April of 2020…
Who knew where
the world would be?
5×4 feet

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