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Lara’s paintings are all acrylic based on museum quality canvas, unless otherwise stated.  


A Fine Kettle 24X36" $888 Acrylic and Paper on Canvas

A Fine Kettle 24X36″ $888 Acrylic and Paper on Canvas


COVID Monster 30x40" $1888

COVID Monster 30×40″ $888


1967   30x40" $1888 Acrylic and Paper on Canvas

Summer of Love 30×48″ $1488 Acrylic and Paper on Canvas


That Year 60×48″ $12888 Acrylic and stucco 


Soul Connection 24 x24″ $388


This Spiritual Life 48×48″ $2488

All Soul Well 10×10″ $108 Sold

My Mind On You (Honourable Mention) 30×40″ $1288

That Girl 8×10″ SOLD

Silence 24×24″ $200

Yes I Am 4×12″ $88 Sold

Thick and Thin 30×40″ $488

Crow Knows SOLD

Just Breathe SOLD

In Between SOLD

Mirror 48×48″ SOLD

Sea Breeze SOLD

The Architect’s Tree 12×48″ SOLD

City Lights  SOLD

Complete Tranquility 12×48″ SOLD