You need a little get away cabin for your imagination? Or for resident pixies? Art that is 3D? I’m so glad you found my sculptures- I love making them and want to send them to their forever homes. 

Please protect from little hands
AND paws and jaws!

FYI: these sculptures are sealed with a matte substance that helps keep the moisture out, AND they are made of paper products.  With this in mind:

They cannot be placed outdoors
They cannot be around moisture or greasiness: no bathrooms, kitchens or near an oil diffuser/mister or other hydrating paraphernalia.  
They are not meant for little hands or paws to play with unsupervised.  They are fragile and can be squashed easily. 

Please protect from heat and fire.
NO CANDLES, not near fireplaces or heaters.

To clean: I recommend a hairdryer (on low and cool) to blow off dust, while you hold firmly but gently. You can use a dry cloth as well, or blow on it (without hyperventilating!) if you don’t have a hairdryer.  Around fiddly details I suggest dry cotton swabs or a soft small (clean) paint brush.  If you remove the dust regularly, there will be no hard-to-remove buildup.  Do I sound like a mom? Yeah. I am one.  


Making “Hill Village”