Pumpkin Festival

Pumpkin Festival NFS $488

“Did you ask for directions?” I sighed and got into the driver’s seat, feeling nostalgic for having stepped into the old service station.  I was still thinking of the Black Cat Gum the owner had in a glass jar on the counter with the hand written sign: 5 for $1.  It was much cheaper when I was a kid- I recalled that O’Henry bars were fifty cents, and you could get a small paper bag full of penny candy for the same amount, that bag would get soft and pliable and almost cloth-like with opening and folding over and over.  I looked at my wife, “I did.” I smiled; even after 12 years of marriage, a glance at her still made my breath catch.  It was okay if she was stressed about directions while in a wifi dead zone.  I started the car and pulled out just as an old red  ford pickup, one with the rounded fenders, pulled in.  Its bed was full of huge pumpkins and a wooden basked full of fresh apples. “1951.” I said.  Georgia looked over, a question in her eyes.  “The truck.

“You know, I did get directions, but this old garage, that truck… maybe let’s go check out the Pumpkin Festival we saw the sign for?” Georgia’s eyes lit up and her face crinkled as she smiled and nodded.  I’m such a lucky man.  

Making of "Pumpkin Festival"

Making of “Pumpkin Festival”

This little gas station was a labour of love for my car enthusiast/ architect husband.  It is about 4.5 inches tall, and all of it is cardboard, glue, paper and paint. The car was not made by me.  Do you like nostalgic buildings? Kinda run down, old signs and vintage decor… Let me know if you’d like something similar! The building of this is very simple, it’s the paint where it comes into it’s own.
“Pumpkin Festival” NFS $488