Silence 24″x24″ $488

We stood, the words unsaid…but did they really need to be said? He was looking into the forest and I turned to try to see what he was seeing, try to hear what he was hearing.  The snow fell with a heavy silence, everything so much quieter under the blanket of white, even our words before. Maybe this is what he meant? The silence of the woods? Silence is Golden? (Where did saying that come from?) Just listen? What was the deeper meaning of this moment I wondered?
“I can never remember the difference between Aspen and Birch trees, can you?” he asked me.  I smiled and breathed in the snow smell.  

We are such funny creatures, us humans.  We are “meaning making

Dancing Sold

machines”- have you ever gone down a wild path that may have become way more snarled than the peeps above, only to find out the other person is really just admiring the view? If you don’t know, ask. Those stories we make up can drive us crazy and is unfair to both parties.  (Counselling moment!)
I painted Silence and it’s mate- Dancing which sold- a few years ago but hung onto Silence. (there’s a metaphor in there somewhere!) I often do this with favoured paintings- keep them to enjoy awhile- but Silence is cleaned, resealed and ready to go. What do you think? Aspen or Birch?  24 inches square, acrylic on canvas $488.