Cambie and Broadway 30x40" $1888

COVID Monster  30×40″ $688

You may have noticed I like to add a short silly story to each of my pieces, but this one really is it’s own story. During the first COVID lockdown I was painting a LOT of feels. Emotion all over the place! And for a change I wanted to try my hand at an almost purely grey scale abstract of Vancouver with the city, the Coastal Mountains and the dramatic sky that is SO Vancouver. This painting is the result…but… there was something not quite right about it- I liked the three elements separately and didn’t feel like they matched each other. I was about to paint over it and begin again when I remembered a trend where people bought fairly horrible thrift store landscape paintings and then added dinosaurs or mythical beings into the scenes. I thought, “Gee, those mountains are begging for a COVID Monster.” So I goofily added a very 2 dimensional green being coming over the Coastal Mountains towards the viewer. It was fun, it made me laugh and I posted it on FB as a lark letting my buds see it before I painted over it. Surprise surprise, I got an angry response from more than a few to NOT PAINT IT OVER.  

I guess I was still painting some feels with this one. COVID and it’s almost magical~mythical nature definitely loomed over me like this monster. 

Covid Monster 30×40″ $688. (Vancouver skyline perspective is roughly Cambie and Broadway/12th ish.)