“That Year” 60″x48″ $12888

She couldn’t believe her senses- the water was so fresh and clear with none of that oily slick that the air dwellers left behind on top of her beloved sea, none of that burnt smell that hurt her wee nostrils when she poke her head into their world. The air-out-of-water was fresh and silent without the rhythmic, violent clanking that the transports made.  Really, it was the transports that did all of those offensive things but Araxie assumed the air breathers liked these noisy vehicles.  Araxie listened; her friends the whales sung and told her that they, too, were amazed. “Finally, a season without the air dwellers,” one said to her. What had stopped their many transports that held so many of them? Where were the air dwellers? They usually came in multiples when the whales arrived.  Araxie shrugged her shoulders and dove and dove: why question the freedom to dive in and out of the air without fear of being seen and chased after? 

How was your 2020? I painted this beast of a canvas in March and April 2020, right after being brought home abruptly and early from Hawaii on March 20th.  This is my first foray into “Intuitive Painting”- I had a lot of emotions to draw from during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic- and I plan to explore this style much more as I like the feel of the painting being painted through me… The story above speaks to one of the main elements of the painting, but I didn’t plan the mermaid. As I wrote the little snippet above, I remembered listening to a podcast about a woman who was studying whales in Alaska.  Covid worked out for her because it meant none of the whale watching ships, nor the cruise ships were coming to the whale grounds. She contacted a friend in Alaska who put out the recording devices and for the first time in her research, she could hear the whales without any man made ambient sound.
This painting titled “That Year” is on a stretched canvas sized 4 by 5 feet.  There are about 4 other paintings below it- it was a canvas I struggled with.  This painting is all acrylic, but there are other media below, including stucco. $12888 CAD