This Spiritual Life 48×48″ $999

A whole life does not focus only on the spiritual or the physical or the financial or the mental or the emotional, but becomes a holistic blend of them all. This painting was painted to Brothers in Arms by Dire Straits which may be incongruous with a spiritual life, considering the song is, on it’s surface, about war. And yet, Mark Knopfler, who wrote it and is the lead singer of Dire Straits, said: “Brothers in Arms’ is sung by a soldier who is dying on the battlefield, You can’t just write off the top of your head; you have to dig deep to get those things. You have to experience, if a thing is really going to be realistic, if you’re gonna try and get whatever you feel across. So, in a sense you’re an outsider, but you’re also digging inside to do it properly. I don’t think you can get away scot-free with these things; otherwise, it’s just not going to work. If you stay outside of these experiences, they’re just not going to translate to people.”

No matter what we do in our lives, if we participate in war or peace, if we play video games or do business deals, if we help the sick or poor or if we nuke the whales… no matter how we live our lives, it is all spiritual if we believe we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

So this painting was in a private collection for a few years and now it is being made available for sale. It is a BIG 4 foot square heart with a wee left hand to remind us we are physical, we are mental, we are emotional and we are spiritual.